Luxembourg Physical Map

Luxembourg Physical Map

Physical map of Luxembourg, equirectangular projection

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Luxembourg geographic features

Luxembourg  is a tiny little country nested between Belgium, Germany and France. The Moselle and Our rivers mark its eastern border with Germany. The area of the country is segmented by several other rivers and streams, the most notable ones are the Alzette, Sure, Clerve, Wiltz, Attert and the Eisch rivers. The longest of these rivers of Luxembourg is the Sauer/Sure, which joins the Moselle at the Luxembourg-Germany border on the east, after traveling through the entire country in a west-east directions. The Sure river also marks the approximate boundary between the two major physical features of Luxembourg.

The northern part of the Luxembourg map is dominated by the hilly sections of the Ardennes, stretching over from Belgium. This hilly area is called Ösling, reaching its maximal elevation at Buurgplaatz with 559 meters, nearly at the northern tip of the country. Ösling is the least populous region of Luxembourg, hosting only a few settlements.

The rest of the country, the central and southern parts are called Gutland, which lies lower in terms of elevation, and the majority of the population also lives here. Gutland is further divided geographically into the sub-regions of Müllerthal Forest, Moselle Valley, Alzette Valley, Hou Forest. The Müllerthal Forest is well-known for excessive amounts of wonderful biking and hiking routes. The capital and largest city, Luxembourg, can be found in the Alzette Valley, almost right at the center point of Gutland (Bon Pays as the French call it).

In spite of its relatively smaller size, the country of Luxembourg offers a wide range of diverse geographical features for the nature-loving visitors, either if you like to hike in the hilly forests, or wish to see the urbanized landscapes by tourist trains.

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