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Thuringia sborders on the states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Bavaria and Hesse. Thuringia is situated between the Harz mountains chain and the Thuringian Forest, also between the Werra and Saale rivers, in the central part of Germany. The most conspicuous geographical feature of Thuringia is the Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald), a mountain chain in the southwest. In the northwest Thuringia includes a small part of the Harz mountains.
Highest point is the Grosse Beerberg in the Thuringian Forest at 983 m.
Its capital is Erfurt. Other major cities in Thuringia are Weimar, Jena, Eisenach and Nordhausen.
Erfurt is also the largest city in Thuringia, with a history of more than 1200 years. The Erfurt University had been founded in 1392, being the 3rd oldest university in Germany. One of its most famous student was Martin Luther.
Other cities in the region also host some tourist attraction, Eisenach is the home of Wartburg castle, built in the middle ages. Martin Luther translated the Bible into German in this castle. Eisenach is also famous for being the city of birth of J.S. Bach, back in 1685. Car manufacturing has taken an important role in the city's industrial life in recent decades. Before WWII, BMW-Factory Eisenach produced its cars in the city. In the fifties the east-Germans started producing the car Wartburg. Nowadays an Opel factory is operating in the city.
Weimar is often referred to as the "cultural capital of Europe". Goethe and Schiller lived in Weimar in most of their active years.
The Rennsteig, a ridge walk in the Thuringian Forest, is the most famous natural tourist attraction in the region

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