Cyprus Physical Map

Cyprus Physical Map

Physical map of Cyprus, equirectangular projection

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Cyprus geographical features

The island of Cyprus is located within the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, being the third most extensive island within the Sea. The topographical features of the island can be split into three main zones: two mountainous regions, the Kyrenia Mountains on the north built up from limestone and the volcanic rocks of the Troodos Mountains in the southwest, with the Mesaoria Plain separating the two ranges, which is obviously the most densely populated region. Highest summit is Mount Olympos within the Troodos range, with 1952 meters of height. The Kyrenia range is considerably lower elevated, its most prominent peak is the 1023 meters high Selvili Tepe.

Cyprus is braided by spectacular coastline, which is segmented by a handful of bays. The Larnaca Bay encircles the city of Larnaca, which is the third largest settlement on the island. A bit further to the west Akrotiri Bay can be found, surrounding the second largest city of Lemesos (or Limassol). The Famagusta Bay lies at the mouth of the Pedhieos river, the longest river of the country, which also flows through capital Nicosia after springing at the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountains.

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