Croatia Physical Map

Croatia Physical Map

Physical map of Croatia, equirectangular projection

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Croatia geographical features

Croatia has a unique x-like shape, the country has two main regions which are connected by a narrow strip of land at the center of the country. The northern section is dominated by the plains of the two great rivers, the Sava and Drava. The historical region of Slavonia is located on the eastern end of the region. The south, or rather soutwestern part of the country is basically the Adriatic coast, with lots of larger and smaller islands, bays, lagunas. The spectacular peninsula of Istria is bordering Slovenia on the north, which together with Dalmatia are the most important touristic destination of the country, especially during the summer, thanks to the attractive beaches and moderate climate.

The mountain ranges of the Dinaric Alps run parallel to the Adriatic coast, not far from it actually, for the entire length of the coast. The most prominent peak of the mountain chains is Mount Dinara, located on the border with Bosnia, with a height of 1831 meters. The Velebit mountain range is a part of the Dinaric Alps, running on the southeastern edge, its highest elevation is Vaganski Vrh at 1757 meters. There also some lower elevated, and smaller sized mountains between the Sava and Drava rivers.

The major rivers are found in the northern section of Croatia, northeast of the Dinaric Alps divide, the Sava and Drava, two most dominant rivers of the country, are both tributaries of the Danube, and both come from the Slovenian and Austrian mountains. On the other hand, there are only small but rapid rivers on the southwestern slopes of the main divide, which run down quickly on the Dalmatian slopes into the Adriatic Sea. Some of the notable rivers in this area are the Krka and Cetina rivers.

The Dalmatian coast is accompanied by lots of islands in the Adriatic, the largest of them are Krk, Cres, Rab, Dugi Otok, Brac, Hvar and Korcula. These islands are especially attractive during the summer holiday season, just like the mainland beaches.

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