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Detailed map showing the major geographical and administrative regions of the area that is called Central Europe, including its countries, capitals, major cities, and physical features. It stretches from the Baltic Sea to the shores of the Adriatic Sea, from the North Sea to the Southern edges of the Carpathians, from the Mountain ranges of the vast plains of Eastern Europe.

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Central Europe is the region of Europe that lies between Northern and Southern Europe. It basically consists of two groups of countries: the Alpine countries of Europe (Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), and the so called Visegrad Group countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia). Another grouping system divides the region into Western Central Europe, and Eastern Central Europe, which basically gives the same grouping, with the exception of Slovenia.
Some define the Central European region playfully as the one that is referred to as Eastern Europe in Western Europe, and it is called as Western Europe in astern Europe.
The region is bordered by the Baltic Sea on the North, the Rhine river on the west, the East European Plains on the East, and the Alps-Danube line on the South.
There are numerous historically famous cities in the region, the most notable of those being:
Vienna, the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
Berlin, the capital of Germany, the biggest metropolis in the region since the destruction of the Berlin Wall
Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube, famous spa resort in Hungary
Geneva, center of French-Switzerland, the city of many international organization (Red Cross, UN)
Kraków, former capital of the fromer Polish Kingdom
Munich, capital of Bavaria, famous for the Oktoberfest
Prague, capital of the Czech, its inner city is a World Heritage site
Zürich, economic center of Switzerland, and one of the economic centers of Europe

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