Bulgaria Physical Map

Bulgaria Physical Map

Physical map of Bulgaria, equirectangular projection

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Bulgaria geographical features

The most prominent geographical feature of Bulgaria are the two arc of mountains that chop the eastern and southern regions of the country. The Balkan Mountains is the northernmost of these, which also have an extension towards Serbia, while the Rhodope mountains reach into southern neighbour Greece. Rhodope is the highest of the two, Mount Musala almost breaks into the 3000-ers, with a height of 2925, making it the highest elevated extreme point of Bulgaria. The Balkan Mountains are considerably lower, with some of its summits concluding above 2200 meters. The maximal elevation of this range is 2376 by Peak Botev.

Besides the white peaks of the high mountain chains, not far from these one can find sunny beaches on the Black Sea coast, lowlands near the Danube and Thrace in the southeast, which is also called Maritsa Basin after its main river. The Danubian Plain stretches on the whole northern border with Romania, and flat area is segmented by some plateaus and hilly sections.

The rivers of Bulgaria can be divided into two segments, one of the groups is feeding the Danube thus giving water to the Black Sea, these are the rivers north of the Balkan Mountains. The other group of rivers are joined by the Maritsa and Tundzha rivers in the east, and the Struma river on the west, which drive towards Greece and empty in the Aegean Sea.

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