Belarus Physical Map

Belarus Physical Map

Physical map of Belarus, equirectangular projection

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Belarus geography information

The topography of Belarus is mostly characterized by extensive mostly flat region, with thousands of streams and lakes due to the glacial scouring during the previous ice age. Extensive forested areas cover a considerably portion of these plains and hilly regions. The major features that stands out from these broad plains is the Belarussian Ridge that runs diagonally through the eastern regions of the country. The summit with the highest elevation is   Dzyarzhynskaya Hara at the top of these hills.

The Dnieper river is the one that is responsible fro collecting the water from its tributaries at the southern and eastern laterals of the Belarussian Ridge, namely the Pripyat river, the Berezina river or the Sozh river amongst many others. The Daugava is the dominant river on the north of the country, which then flows through Latvia to reach the Baltic Sea, the Neman river does the same by cutting through Lithuania after leaving Belarus territories on the East near the city of Hrodna.

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