Andorra Physical Map

Andorra Physical Map

Physical map of Andorra, mountains, peaks, rivers and other physical features of Andorra

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Andorra physical features

Andorra is small country (in fact the largest microstate in Europe), nested between France and Spain, amongst the spectacular chains of the Pyrenees Mountains. The highest of the mountains is Coma Pedrosa at 2943 meters of elevation. Other dominant peaks of the region over or close to the 2900 meters margin are the Pic De La Serrera (2913 m), Pic de l' Estanyó (2915 m), and the Alt del Griu (2874 m). The average altitude of the country is almost 2000 meters.

The valleys with the small rivers between the high slopes unite to form the biggest river of the country, Gran Valira, which leaves the country southward into Spain at the lowest point of Andorra, at 840 meters of height above sea level. Lake Engolasters is one of the most popular tourist destinations, due to the eye-catching environment, the lake is also the largest body of water in the micro-state, with 800 meters of length, and 300 meters width.

Inspite of its small size, Andorra has three National Parks. Coma Pedrosa National Park embraces the astonishing surroundings of the Coma Pedrosa peak. Sorteny National Park is to be found at the northern sectin of the country famous for its diverse flora and fauna. The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, a unique system of glacial valleys is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Other maps of Andorra

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Andorra blank relief map HD
Andorra - location in the Pyrenees
Andorra location within the Pyrenees
Andorra - location of Coma Pedrosa
Location of Coma Pedrosa (highest peak in Andorra) within Andorra
Andorra geography features
Andorra topography - map showing the major geographyical features of Andorra

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