Costa Rica Physical Map

Physical map of Costa Rica, equirectangular projection
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Costa Rica geography information
Costa Rica borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-southeast. Dominated by mountains ranges replete with volcanoes, the country has suffered through its share of eruptions, as well as devastating earthquakes. The highest mountain in the country is Cerro Chirripo, with 3820 metres above sea level, the second highest peak in Central America, after Volcan Tajumulco in Guatemala. The coastal areas are ringed with mangrove swamps, and beautiful white, sand beaches.
San José is the capital city. Other cities include Nicoya and Golfito.
The main river is the Rio San Carlos.
Other maps of Costa Rica

Costa Rica location map
Where is Costa Rica located? Map showing the location of Costa Rica on the globe.
Costa Rica political map
Costa Rica political map
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