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SouthEast Asia map

Political map of SouthEast Asia

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The Remarkable Places of the Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian subcontinent includes a mixture of two different continents. They are Asia and Australia. The area has difference in its people too. Beaches and rain forest are the major attractions to the travelers.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: These two ocean islands belong to India, the biggest nation of the south Asia. The islands are famous for the variations of amazing birds. Sea turtles come to the beach of the island for laying eggs. People come to this place of the Southeast Asian area to get in touch with the turtles and seabirds.

Indonesia: The largest Islamic country of the world. The white elephant lives in the country and this is the reason of calling her as 典he Country of White Elephant� Nowadays Indonesia has become an important place for the traders. The Komodo dragon is a famous creature living in the national park of Indonesia.

Malaysia: Most of the engineering parts are imported from Malaysia. Also, the tallest towers of the world is situated in Kuala Lumpur. It is also the capital of Malaysia and an advanced fast city of the whole Southeast Asia.

Thailand: The actual place for the tourists who love beaches. Every person of Thailand is somehow connected with any tourism-related occupation. Bangkok is often called the heaven for honeymoon couples. Brides and grooms from every corner of the world visit Bangkok. There are more than three hundreds of small islands in Thailand. This is one of the most renowned nations of all the Southeast Asia countries. Travelers are also very fond of the coral reefs and islands of Thailand. Phuket is the biggest island of the country.

Singapore: The cleanest country of the world is also situated in here. The medical service of Singapore is famous in all over the world. The capital of the country is also named Singapore. Underwater aquarium is the best attraction of Singapore. It was also the first underwater aquarium of the world.

Burma: This is one of the driest area amongst the Southeast Asian countries. The nature allows Python to grow in plenty here. Burmese python are bigger and stronger than the other species of its kind.

East Timor: The nation is a war damaged nation just like Vietnam, but the recovery is going on very fast. Most of the damaged cities are recovered in a very short time.

Philippines: The Philippine Eagle is a rare bird that can only be seen in Philippines. Parrot of Philippines is a talking bird and well-known in the world.

In spite of the ongoing difficulties for the countries of the Southeast Asian map, this region contains a great collection of species and places to see. This particular subject has made it an attractive tourist place.

SouthEast Asia map

SouthEast Asia simple political map

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