Physical map of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia map

Physical map of Southeast Asia, Lambert equal area projection

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The Versatile Geographical Features of the Southeast Asia

The southeast region of the entire Asian continent is known as Southeast Asia. It is an exceptional part of the continent. Most of the areas are bounded by the sea. The weather condition, environment and boundary of Southeast Asia map is surely of great importance. Here, we are about to discuss only the geographical features of this zone.

Geographical Plate: An interesting fact about the Southeast Asia geography is its basement. When the other continents or subcontinents lies on one geological plate, Southeast Asia is different. The area lies on the common zone of two tectonic plates. This has divided the continental part into two basic zones. First one is Maritime Southeast Asia and the other one is Mainland Southeast Asia. Countries those are basically islands, situated in the Maritime zone. Countries with less sea water around its boundary are situated in Mainland zone. Eastern part of the Wallace line in the Southeast Asia map is also a portion of the region.

Versatile Climate: Southeast Asia includes the second biggest rain forest of the world. The entire zone is hot and humid. But the main climate is tropic. There is a bit ups and downs in the temperature. Another specialty of Southeast Asia is its subtropical area. A large area is covered with such condition. Myanmar Himalayas has introduced this climate condition to the geographers. The north side of Vietnam is also included in the subtropical climate. It rains at a stretch for two months in the whole Southeast Asia geography. This is why rice and paddy grows well here. Rain tree is the major plant of the area. These giant looking tree is the producer of oxygen. The monsoonal wind causes a dry weather in some countries. It also brings rain in plenty all over the years. So, the Southeast Asia map has a multidimensional climate.

Natural Ingredients: Generally, the Southeast Asian region is a monsoonal zone and that is the reason of variance in its habitants. The nature is outstandingly beautiful in here. Being in the middle of the Wallace line makes it a friendly environment for the species. For example, only tiger has three different type of species in here. Wild Asian Water Buffalo is found in Southeast Asia. Some of the islands are totally volcanic. They were formed during the tectonic collision million years ago. The shattered lands are still carrying the sign of that incident. Papua New Guinea has an active volcano mountain. The name of the volcano is Mayon Volcano. Geographers travel to visit this amazing sight of the nature. The pubis are often seen on the water of the Pacific Ocean. Australia and Indo-China has taken equal share of the Southeast Asian subcontinent . That makes a clear insight of having a geopolitical trading. Animals and species are mostly common in eleven countries of the zone.

The Southeast Asia map is surely a great element of the geography. To acknowledge more about this subcontinent, people are going there to study. Having a versatile monsoonal characteristic has increased its importance.

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