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The Republic of Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula on the northeastern corner of the Asian continent. North Korea lies to the north, and Japan is located to the southeast, across the Korea Strait. Low hills in the south and west lead to increasingly higher mountains in the north and east.

The Taebaek (“Spine of Korea”) range runs north-to-south along the east coast, while the other major range, the Sobaek in the southwest of the country, runs northeast-tosouthwest. South Korea’s longest river is the Naktong, which is 525 kilometers long. The Hang, which runs through Seoul, is 514 kilometers long, and the Kum is 401 kilometers long. These rivers are navigable, and they played a major role in the development of port cities like Seoul. Seoul is Korea's capital city. Other important cities include Pusan (Busan), Taegu (Daegu), Taejon (Daejeon), Incheon and Ulsan. Pusan is the main port.

Physical map of South Korea, equirectangular projection