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Political map of India, equirectangular projection, illustrating the administrative divisions of India

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A Quick Glimpse Of Incredible India

India is a republic country of Asia. In Hindi it is called as Bharat or Hindustan. Situated on Indian plate, it is the seventh largest country in world in area and second largest country in World in terms of population. It has most populous democracy in World and known for its rich cultural. The country shares its border with countries like Nepal, China, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri-Lanka. Every year India receives thousands of tourists and generates big revenue from it. Though, entire India has scenic beauty associate with it, but some of the states that witness higher tourist movement are Jammu Kashmir, Kerala, Goa, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Various States In India

Area wise India is seventh largest country in World and entire country is divided into 29 states and 7 Union Territories. This division is done on the basis of language spoken, religion followed and area of state. Each state has its own value in terms of culture and landscape. Every state has something to attract tourism, the northern states like Jammu Kashmir, Uttarakhand has beautiful landscape, while Western state like Gujarat has rich culture, and Southern states like Kerala is also known as God’s own place and eastern region is known for its innocence and colorful lifestyle. Each state has its own style of living, food and religion to be followed.

Culture And Religion In India

Be polite and humble is the basic culture of India but in its 29 states and 7 Union Territory these culture is prevalent in most more interesting and attractive way. As far as the religion is concern in India, Four religions are most prevalent in India i.e. Hindu, Buddha, Jain and Sikh. Christianity and Islam came to India in 1st Millennium. Because of various cultures in one country, India is well known for its unity in diversity. And it is best known for its living environment.

India In Politics

India is democratic country and its democracy is largest in World. Government of India is chosen via direct election. Each 29 states have their own government chosen by selection. The constitutional head of each state is chief minister who governs state legislative assembly. All states and Union Territories are governed by central government. The constitutional head of India is President followed by Prime Minister. Thought, Prime Minister has all the powers. The assembly is known as parliament.

Temperature and Climate In India

India country is divided in six physiographic regions, and each region has its own climate and temperature. States of north region witness low temperature while states of south witness hot temperature. As the person move from south to north, the temperature will decrease. Central India notice average moderate climate throughout the year. South region of country has large cost line and bordered by Bay of Bengal, Arabic Ocean, and Indian Ocean.

India has some of the most exotic location to visit and witness tourist movement throughout the year. It has rich history and great political structure.

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India physical map
India physical map
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India political maps
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