Abkhazia Physical Map

Abkhazia Physical Map

Physical map of Abkhazia, equirectangular projection

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Abkhazia geography features

Abkhazia is a territory between the Black sea and the Caucasus mountains. The status of the territory is disputed, Abkhazia considers itself an independent state, while Georgia (and the majority of the world) considers it to be part of Georgia.Most of the territory consist of mountain ranges of the Caucasus, divided by valleys of the Bzyb and Kodori rivers. There are several peaks in the eastern part of the territory that exceed 4000 meters of height. The capital of the region is Sukhumi.

Other maps of Abkhazia

Abkhazia blank physical map in HD
Abkhazia blank physical map
Abkhazia location map
Where is Abkhazia located? Map showing the location of Abkhazia on the globe.
Abkhazia outline map in high resolution
Abkhazia outline map
Abkhazia relief
Abkhazia relief black and white

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