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Ivory Coast Map

Physical map of Ivory Coast, equirectangular projection

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Ivory Coast physical features

Ivory Coast is located in the western part of the Sub-Saharan Africa, north of the Gulf of Guinea. The country's terrain can be described as a large plateau rising gradually from sea level in the south to almost 500 m elevation in the north. The Eastern Guinean forests extend from the Sassandra River eastwards to Ghana, while the Western Guinean lowland forests extend west from the Sassandra River into Guinea and Liberia. The northern part of the country is part of the West Sudanian savanna.
Mount Nimba is the country's highest point at 1752 meters above sea level.
The official capital city is Yamoussoukro. Other important cities are Abidjan, Divo, Man, Daloa, Boluaké and Korhogo. Principal rivers are the Bandama, Cavally, Comoe and Sassandra.

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Ivory Coast physical features
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